Did I seriously just say that?

Driving my son to school, I realized I had forgotten to tell him something.  It was nothing super important or urgent, just something I thought might interest him:  “Oh, I meant to tell you, I harvested some zombies for you earlier.”

As the words were coming out of my mouth, I realized it was a ridiculously absurd thing to say.  Yet, there it was.  And it was true.  After my son blandly responded with an “oh, thanks,” I said, “Did you hear what I just said?” — not in the way I generally use that phrase, as in “I know you are not listening to me at all, that is so annoying, listen to me now!!!” — it was more along the lines of “Holy smokes, did you hear how crazy your mom is?!”  Luckily, my son found the humor in it, and we had a fun little laugh.  Sadly, however, my son realllly thought it was funny so he then subjected the first person we saw as we walked into school (his former teacher) to a recital of the whole story.  Somehow, the teacher did not think it was all that funny.  I guess the teacher had never heard of the game Zombie Farm.  I mean, geez, get with it already!

I made a wreath – and put it on the door!

It’s up on the door now and I like it.  I hope it doesn’t fall down – I am not sure how sturdy it is.  I had to break out the glue gun to make a few adjustments.

Thank goodness our dog is there to ward off anyone who might want to take it.  He really loves that darn wreath too (well, I don’t know that for sure, but it just looks like he does).


I made a wreath!

I know it’s silly, but I am really excited about this wreath.

not yet hanging, but it looks good!

not yet hanging, but it looks good!

It’s been sitting in a paper bag, barely put together, for at least a month.  I had planned to have it on the front door before Easter and Passover.  But obviously that did not happen as I just finished it tonight.  And when I say “I” finished it, I mean me, and my son, and my mother-in-law, and my sweet neighbor, and our babysitter all put it together in fits and starts over the past month or so.  The final push was tonight – thanks Ruthie and Ben!!!  I think it will be very cheerful hanging on our front door (even though spring is half over at this point).

I am especially pleased, because just earlier today, it pretty much looked like this and was being used as a frisbee and necklace:


Let’s hope it stays together once I hang it on the door tomorrow!

P.S. I bought this wreath making kit at The Paper Source.

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better excuse for plastic bags

Why didn’t I think of this before?  I should have told the guy at Trader Joe’s that I needed plastic bags because I use them to clean-up after our rescued cat and rescued dog!  Oh well, maybe I’ll remember next time to say that or just to keep my mouth shut.


Plastic bags needed for poop clean-up, please.

Grocery Guilt

I was not born to blog (sorry El).  I know this because I was born waaaaay before blogging.  So I am not sure why I am trying this, but I guess why not, right?

Here’s my first written blog, or post, or whatever it’s called:

I went to Trader Joe’s today (that’s a pretty boring first line, sorry).  As I almost always do, I left all my re-useable grocery bags in the car.  So, when I was checking out, I felt guilty about not bringing in my bags.  Not as guilty as I would have felt if I were at Whole Foods or a farmer’s market, but more guilty than if I had been at Ralph’s.  Because of this guilt, I told the checker that I left all my bags in the car–to explain the situation and to be sure he knew I wasn’t all that bad.  His look told me that he did not believe me.  I saw all the paper bags on the counter, and asked if he had any plastic bags.  Oops.  He did and obliged, but, this time, his look told me that I must not know of the landfill situation.  So still feeling guilty, I said I would take some paper bags as well.  Maybe that would make my plastic request not so bad?  Although now things were getting confusing.  Still trying to make up for my obvious obnoxiousness, I tried to explain that I like the plastic bags because I recycle them at home.  I reuse them to throw out our baby’s diapers.  Oops again.  I am not sure what his look was telling me at that point, but it was not good.  I stopped talking and tried to help pack the paper bags that I didn’t really want.  I messed that up too, but won’t bore you with it.

I left with my basket full of an assortment of plastic and paper bags, vowing to be a better, more considerate shopper next time.  I loaded everything in my car, which I had parked across the street because the Trader Joe’s parking lot is always so ridiculously busy and stressful.  And I left the basket there.  Sigh.  I think it was a good thing I could no longer see the checker’s face.

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