Driving my son to school, I realized I had forgotten to tell him something.  It was nothing super important or urgent, just something I thought might interest him:  “Oh, I meant to tell you, I harvested some zombies for you earlier.”

As the words were coming out of my mouth, I realized it was a ridiculously absurd thing to say.  Yet, there it was.  And it was true.  After my son blandly responded with an “oh, thanks,” I said, “Did you hear what I just said?” — not in the way I generally use that phrase, as in “I know you are not listening to me at all, that is so annoying, listen to me now!!!” — it was more along the lines of “Holy smokes, did you hear how crazy your mom is?!”  Luckily, my son found the humor in it, and we had a fun little laugh.  Sadly, however, my son realllly thought it was funny so he then subjected the first person we saw as we walked into school (his former teacher) to a recital of the whole story.  Somehow, the teacher did not think it was all that funny.  I guess the teacher had never heard of the game Zombie Farm.  I mean, geez, get with it already!