Starting a blog reminded me of when I joined a gym.  The day I signed the paperwork, I swore I lost 10 pounds and felt really fit, like I could definitely run a marathon.  no problem.  For weeks, I felt strong and healthy.  Problem was, I barely ever went to the gym and ended up canceling my membership because it really was a waste of money for me.  So now, the blog.  Ever since the night I clicked “create a free blog,” I am incredibly creative, clever and  witty.  Like, overflowing with creativity.  Sadly, I know most likely I am not.   But, I am going to go with it for now and see how long this new feeling lasts.  Perhaps it will last a bit longer than my healthy streak “at” the gym.

My blog title is one of my all-time favorite movie quotes (from “Ghostbusters” – how could you not know that?!).  And, as for uninterrupted thoughts, well that’s just what I hope to get out of this blog.  As the mom of three young ones (who seriously do not stop talking, seriously), I (a) never get a word in edgewise, and (b) even when I am with adults (gasp), I am unable to finish a conversation.  I’m not kidding.  I can’t finish a thought.  I would really love to try to finish some thoughts here.  Some people may wish I never had the chance!!!