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I made a wreath – and put it on the door!

It’s up on the door now and I like it.  I hope it doesn’t fall down – I am not sure how sturdy it is.  I had to break out the glue gun to make a few adjustments.

Thank goodness our dog is there to ward off anyone who might want to take it.  He really loves that darn wreath too (well, I don’t know that for sure, but it just looks like he does).



I made a wreath!

I know it’s silly, but I am really excited about this wreath.

not yet hanging, but it looks good!

not yet hanging, but it looks good!

It’s been sitting in a paper bag, barely put together, for at least a month.  I had planned to have it on the front door before Easter and Passover.  But obviously that did not happen as I just finished it tonight.  And when I say “I” finished it, I mean me, and my son, and my mother-in-law, and my sweet neighbor, and our babysitter all put it together in fits and starts over the past month or so.  The final push was tonight – thanks Ruthie and Ben!!!  I think it will be very cheerful hanging on our front door (even though spring is half over at this point).

I am especially pleased, because just earlier today, it pretty much looked like this and was being used as a frisbee and necklace:


Let’s hope it stays together once I hang it on the door tomorrow!

P.S. I bought this wreath making kit at The Paper Source.